SMBE Satellite meeting SMBEBA 2015
Investigating biological adaptation with NGS: data and models

Conference center 'Hameau de l'étoile' (France), May 26-29, 2015 

Aim of the meeting

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has been a driving force in the field of evolutionary biology, providing opportunities to reveal the genetic architecture of adaptive traits in a wide range of organisms. This exciting advance in technology has produced considerable impetus to develop methods and tools for data analysis and to extend theoretical foundations for modeling adaptive events. To produce a detailed understanding of adaptive processes, well-designed studies and sample collection, evolutionary models of adaptation, and statistical models to detect the genomic signatures of biological adaptation are all necessary. This workshop brings together evolutionary biologists along the empirical to theoretical continuum to exchange ideas and perspectives in a relaxed atmosphere.

Keynote speakers

Adaptation in humans

Lluis Quintana-Murci (Paris, France)
John Novembre (Chicago, USA)

Adaptation in plants

Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra (UC Davies, USA)
Tanja Slotte (Stockholm, Sweden)

Footprints of selection in molecular adaptation

Nicolas Bierne (Montpellier, France)
Joachim Hermisson (Vienna, Austria)
Pleuni Pennings (San Fransisco, USA)

Genome divergence during ecological speciation

Samuel Flaxman (Boulder, USA)
Patrik Nosil (Cambridge, UK)

Statistical approaches to detect biological adaptation

Olivier François (Grenoble, France)
Oscar Gaggiotti (St Andrews, Scotland)


Chair of conference

Michael Blum (Grenoble, France)

Organizing committee

Angela Hancock (Vienna, Austria)
Renaud Vitalis (Montpellier, France)


In addition to the support of SMBE, we also acknowledge support from

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